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Monday, April 24 - Workouts!

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Decided not to stress to try to get a workout in amidst all my meetings - why do people schedule meetings through lunch and then immediately after?!?!? ugh. So today has been multiple dog walks. Will get back at it tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Well - seeing as you were considering a workout, guess you're on the upswing! And boo to lunchtime meetings...

Looks like you had a fun bike-packing trip, Yo!

Got up this morning to schmutz outside, so popped down for 25 miles on Zwift - in a robo-paced ride. Stayed with the group for 20 miles/45 minutes or so, and then dropped for the last 5 miles/15 minutes. Doesn't look promising for tomorrow outside either - so will probably be back in the basement tomorrow AM as well.

Zoj - I know, it is so easy to lose motivation when meetings just keep on coming during lunch time. These days I sometimes step out for a walk at 2pm! Give me some lunch break!

Geo - impressed that you keep on going back to the zwift, robo-paced ride?? Yeah the weekend was way colder than the last weekend but sounds like we both made itje ride happen! It was rain, hail, snow, sleet so unpredictable. But that is what cooks happen in 4 weeks in UP Nike trip. So it was a great practice run.

Sat,, about 50miles pushing a fully loaded bike. Then 40miles bikes back. It was FUN! Time to figure out additional space to carrying food.. the biggest concern is the bike mechanicals issues… 10 days are long time.

The dirty bike and dirty camping gears are spreading in the garage but didn’t feel like cleaning up…. Instead shooing at REI and swam 1250yds! Left shoulder felt no issues. Getting better!!!!
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