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Monday 10.08.07

531 Views 10 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Floridaboiler for me has been oh so stressful recently. A friend of mine had her mother pass recently from cancer, my friend was in that car accident, and then yesterday in northern WI there was a massive shooting where a 20 y.o. sherriff/cop killed 3 high schoolers and 3 recent graduates because he was a jealous boyfriend or something, and I just found out from my parents this morning that my grandpa had a heart attack yesterday but is recovering well I guess. Life sucks right now...
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Alex -<br><br>
I'm sorry for you buddy. Hang in there! And remember, live every day to it's fullest!<br><br>
In terms of running today, today is a scheduled rest day for me. That's good because the quads are <b>still</b> sore for whatever reason. I know I'm going to be okay by race day though. I have no doubt.<br><br>
And speaking of race day, I just checked the long range forecast this morning. Those who ran Chicago are going to hate me (or be envious, one of the two). Partly to mostly sunny skies, high temperature of 60 degrees. Low of around 42. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> If that holds true, and the winds aren't crazy like they were in 2005, it should be a great day to run a marathon. I'm still hoping for that PR, but I'm taking NOTHING for granted after what happened in the Equinox.
Alex take it easy be cool and talk to folks....<br><br>
Equi hope that forecast hols up for the Bay state.<br><br>
I ran a half in Missouri yesterday and it was pretty dam warm nothing like chicago though.<br><br>
Did 6.75 slow slow recovery miles today mostly to give team A a boost. It was a nice cool fall day.
Wow this thread loses a lot of people since they all just hang out in the VRAA it seems. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Sad"><br><br>
Feeling much better now...I just need to tell somehow how I feel and then I'm usually fine.<br><br>
Cool story about my grandpa...he had nothing short than a SERIES of miracles to pretty much save his life. He was heading home from a old car show/tour or something and was on a major interstate - I-35. He ran out of gas and started walking with a can to the nearest exit and got picked up by an elderly couple. He then went to a gas station and there he had the heart attack. Luckily though, the station had one of those defibrilator and they were able to bring him back. Wow...good thing my grandma is watching out for him!<br><br>
Easy practice compared to Thursday...nearly same thing but only 3 sets of 3x200 instead of 4 sets. Had 50 seconds rest for first, then 45, then 40, with a minute between each set. 1) 33, 32, 32. 2) 30, 31, 31. 3) 31, 32, 30. Legs felt sore but nothing actually hurt for once. Had a decent warmup and cooldown as well. Hard-ish practice tomorrow and then rest for Conference on Thursday.
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Alex, that is amazing that the gas station had a defibrillator! I'm glad your grandpa is recovering and sorry you're dealing with a lot right now.<br><br>
I taught pilates today, actually lifted some weights during the weight training class I teach, and ran 6 tonight after ART. I ran at Mount Trashmore Park in Va. Beach, the first ever landfill-turned-city park in the U.S. That is a dubious honor I guess. Anyway, there's a path around a small lake that I did 4 times. People of all ages, races, sizes were out exercising and that was very cool to see. I think I saw more people tonight than in a whole year of running where I live.
Perhaps, but not necessarily. Monday is a recovery day from the weekend. Less folks workout on Monday.<br><br>
Glad to hear your Grandpa is going to be okay.<br><br>
Quads a little sore than yesterday from the marathon. Good news is that I'll be able to recover from this one.<br><br>
Today's workout: 82F at 7pm<br><br>
15 miles easy cycling and 1 mile easy run. I can't believe this weather.
Alex - Hang in there my friend - tuff run of events<br><br>
60 minutes of Aerobic activity tonight - No running
Alex - Conference @ 9 mile ? What time does it start - I will be thinking positive thoughts for you.
I run at 4 big Mike...any chance you'll be not working or being superdad? Glad to see ya back.
No run for me, I was in Raleigh, visiting my sister.
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