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Monday 1/13/12 Workouts

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<p>Hm, pretty quiet around here today!</p>
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<p>Just a swim workout for me today, see yesterday's thread regarding the end (for now) of my short-lived "closet run streak."</p>
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<p>Happy Monday (yeah, right, I know)!</p>
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Matt - you are a smart man. Easy to nip those pains at their early stage.<br><br>
6 miles in rain but warm enough not to be miserable in. Legs were heavy from the yesterday's run but felt well toward the end. 2000m swim in the evening while the kids were in the Japanese class.<br>
Shooting for 60miles this week. The groin tightness hadn't changed much in spite of the volume ramping up while everything else seems to be working well.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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