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If you choose to PM a person, probably in the PRT, with your "moderator voice", please let other moderators... not just me... know that you've done this. That way, we can avoid several moderators stomping on poor bubba for the exact same thing. (although, depending on bubba, this might not be that horrible).<br><br>
Alas, how to do that? The issue with PMs on the current site is that they are 1:1... if you want to send sierra, srlopez, satfix, and other moderators a notification, you'd have to do it 3+ different times w/ PM. Even on the new site, you only get to PM 5 people with one PM, not all mods.<br><br>
So, instead, let's do it here.<br><br>
If you are about to PM a member with your 'moderator voice' for something that is outside of your topic area,<br><br>
1. Check this thread (Mod-Note) to see if someone else already has.<br><br>
2. Assuming no one has, post in the thread what you are going to tell (or just told) the member. If there is ongoing conversation, post a summary of that too. Include a link to the thread in question, if you remember.<br><br>
I hope this sounds workable. It's a little bit of overhead, yes, but it is easier than re-PMing x different mods and admins. And it is much nicer to the member to avoid 5 different pokes.<br><br>
Also, note that the actual area mod *may* be around... give that person a chance to deal with it, and only consider this for bad stuff.
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