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Earlier this week we had an 'incident' where we might have had to put a user in 'moderation mode'. This mode allows a member to view forums and threads and even post replies as well as create new threads - with an added caveat. Their posts aren't published until the admin/super mod actually approves the post.<br><br>
This is a powerful tool that I hope we'll never need; but I feel it's better than banning. This is a last resort type moderation tool that requires an admin to place someone in this group. By placing a member on probation, they'll do one of two things - comply to our guidelines or simply quit posting. Either way, the net result is a positive thing for our forum.<br><br>
Like I said earlier, we considered this earlier - but thankfully, we didn't need it - it did prompt me to try it to make sure it worked as expected. It does! I put my satfix account in moderation and posted. The probation worked as expected.<br><br><br>
I hope we never need to use this, but if it does come to a point where it's needed, I'm glad we have this option.<br><br><br>
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