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<p>I completed 60miles this week.  Running <span><img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src="" style="width:24px;height:24px;">.  For many marathoners, this is nothing noteworthy.  It is just an arbitrary number and wasn't my goal in itself or anything.  It gives me a sense of how I am doing toward my goal and a nice pause to take a deep breath before moving on.  For this 7th marathon training cycle since my first in 2004, the highest week was 55miles (that was for my first marathon training)  I just blindly followed a plan.  I developed lots of pains & aches but kept on going with a few block of rest just to keep the injury at bay, survive the training and finish the race in one piece.  Since then, I have never run more than 45miles or so, with average weekly miles probably way less than 40miles during a marathon training.  I am pleasantly surpised that I am not feeling beatend up nor having any major injury concerns.  I have never thought I could run 60miles a week.  That is with three key quality workouts (cruise interval, MP run, and long run).  Running 6-7days/wk in fact helps tons.  I am at the halfway point to Boston (excluding 3-wk taper).  I probably wouldn't go much higher than 60miles.   </span></p>
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<p><span>Milestones (especially athletic ones) means something only to you.  But it is worth smiling about before moving forward.  So, share yours - what is your recent milestone?</span></p>
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<p>75miles was my all time record.  Although 60 of that was walking 3 Day for the Cure.  Trust me, I was one hurtin' pup!</p>
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