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I had a very scary experience yesterday. I’m good now. Doc appo tomorrow.

DH and I were mountain biking on a trail (first time there) in northern Michigan yesterday. Prob 80-ish degree with high humidity, around 5pm. I was a bit struggling on climbs but nothing new here. About 30min into it, as I was climbing a long steady incline, my hands were getting numb. This was a familiar sensation as I experienced this when I went to the track workout about 3 weeks ago. At that time I stopped running and it went away. This time, I kept on going until to the top of the hill and stopped to rest. I was breathing very hard and my breathing didn’t go back to normal even after some minutes of resting. (DH said I was hyperventilating). My hands numbness was getting worse and then my legs getting numb. DH told me to breathe slowly and get off the bike but I didn’t want to move or maybe even couldn’t move. He finally took me off the bike and had me sit down and lay down. By this time the numbness was spreading to my torso. Then both of my hands/arms got totally paralyzed. I was conscious and tried to explain everything happening to me to DH. I knew my lips were moving but hardened face was preventing my lips moving freely. By this time he called 911 and kept on pouring water on me (there were a few other riders helping us with water, and also trying to get to the trailhead so the EMS could find where I was. This lasted eternity… my both hands were literally like a rock and couldn’t move. About 15min into it, (I knew this because DH said he was on the phone with 911 for 13min) I was slowly gaining back movements. Legs first then left hand/arm then right. My neck and up were fine and I kept on looking my HR on my watch. It was coming back to <100. I sat up for a few minutes then stood up, felt dizzy and sat back down. I was back to pretty much normal by the time EMS guys came , prob close to 30min after the whole scare started. Blood pressure was a bit high but the EKG and oxygen in blood were normal. So I pushed my bike and walked unassisted for about .75 miles to the trail head. Checked the blood pressure again in the ambulance, still a bit high. But otherwise back to normal. I declined to be taken to a hospital and that was it. There were 5 emergency responders and DH talked to a few while I was in the ambulance. One said I hyperventilated myself to block the oxygen to my limbs. Heat exhaustion might play a role too. I am afraid I did have a mini stroke. I am seeing a different doc at my doc’s office tomorrow so I’m looking forward to hear his opinion…. Something is not right with me (I have been saying this for like 2-3 yrs now..) just can’t find what it is.

I felt a bit warm, tired and headachy all day. Some dizziness after an easy walk.

If anything comes to your mind, please share. This could have happened during the last race….( Yikes). I’m still hoping to do a 5k swim this weekend….
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