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MC's running mix

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Okay, so I've gotten an iPhone. I absolutely lurrve it. I haven't used the iPod capabilities much except to learn French with my Pimsleur system in the car. Now that I'm doing more indoor running with our wintery weather, I'd love to listen to some music on the treadmill. I remember reading about MC's running mix and liking the selections...anyone know where I can find these mixes?<br><br>
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You behave Sun God!!!<br><br>
Rtravers, I use the mixes all the time. I am crazy about them. Being a solo runner all the time, the mixes are great company to me. All of them are great. # 10 being the best for my wild taste.<br><br>
You should be able to download them from the link Patrick posted. Now, I am thinking that we should bring the mixes either here or at RA. What do you think MC?<br><br>
Oh!!! while we are talking about the mixes...we need a Latin mix too. Hey, this could be a great project while someone is tapering, right? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
that is Ok, my butterfly wings can wait. I can wait...I am young....still have say...five or six decades of running ahead of me.
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