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<p>Well, here is the May milage summary, late again, as seems to be my usual practice. Wait, I’m just dragging my feet in case someone shows up late. Good excuse, I’ll use it.</p>
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<p><strong>Dennis</strong>- to answer your question re: where have all the Masters runners gone?? I can’t speak for all who’ve disappeared in the last few months. I know some are over at FB, some more at running ahead. Why? Don’t know, I personally try to practice good hygiene, so obviously I don't offend. <span><img alt="rolleyes.gif" src="" style="width:16px;height:16px;"></span> I will say however, that this site takes forever to load (worse than dialup) and navigate through. Anyway, we’re here (for now), and that’s what matters.</p>
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<p>Following the trend of ever decreasing numbers of reporting Masters runners, 11 of us reported a total of 1349.384 miles in May. (At the rate it’s decreasing, no one will report in August <span><img alt="smile.gif" src="" style="width:16px;height:16px;"></span>)</p>
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<p>SloJim 173.49</p>
<p>Dennis 161</p>
<p>Irunmike 153</p>
<p>Tamster 136.7</p>
<p>Plugging Along 124.1</p>
<p>HappyFeat 122.8</p>
<p>Orange Mat 122</p>
<p>Hemerocallus 116.3</p>
<p>Gretriever 112.214</p>
<p>Ripvanracer 67.88</p>
<p>Johnny 59.9</p>
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<p>Total: 1349.384 miles</p>
<p>Median: 122.8 miles Happy Feat</p>
<p>Mean: 122.67 miles Happy Feat (another double winner!!)</p>
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<p>Gold Star Award: no one reported more than 200 miles</p>
<p>Welcome back Award: SloJim</p>
<p>Fallen Angel Award: Ripvanracer (-125 miles from last month)</p>
<p>One extreme to the other Award: Gretriever (last month +- 3 miles, this month nearest 5 feet)</p>
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<p>Honor roll (yup, that’s all of us)</p>
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<p>Plugging Along</p>
<p>Orange Mat</p>
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