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May 6/7 - Weekend workouts!

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Or not really...I have been puttering around the house, cleaning out the garage, doing errands and getting an appraisal on my car. New car is due in the next two weeks or so, need to decide if I am going to sell my car outright or trade it in.

Today is DD's 24th Bday! went mini-golfing, some shopping and ice cream...

I did manage a 30 min trainer stint and 20 min weight workout on Friday before PT. Have some other exercises to do for my shoulder, which should help my elbow. Speaking of which...need to go do them!
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Happy 24th B-day, to Zoj's DD! Sounds like a fun day to celebrate :)
What car are you getting? Is Mazda that you are selling?

Sat - a group of us kayaked to Hell and back. About 9 miles. Most of them camped Friday and Sat nights. I needed to chill at home.... I am heading to Mx all next week and staying away from home befor a long trip like this tends to make me feel 'I am behind'.

Sunday - worked on my bike setup for this upcoming big bikepacking trip.... Since the shakedown, I am adding more and more stuff that I am realizing to need to pack. Looks like I am getting there slowly bu surely.... 1hr walk with DH in the evening.
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