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Check out the <a href="" target="_blank">week 1 thread</a> for the rules. This thread is for <b>December 17-23.</b> This is it folks, the last week! Which will be the superior sex? Who will win the $? I can hardly wait!<br><br>
I will edit this post to show the individual and gender standings throughout the week.<br><br>
As of Sunday evening, here's where we stand:<br><br><b>Women</b>
<blockquote></blockquote><i>Week 3<br></i>
<blockquote><p>11 women reporting<br>
total XT: </p></blockquote><b>2166 minutes</b> (<b>197 minutes</b> per XTer)<br>
XT queen: jura (620 minutes)<br>
<blockquote><p>15 women reporting<br>
total XT: </p></blockquote><b>7028 minutes</b> (<b>469 minutes</b> per XTer)<br>
XT queen: Sans Souci (1314 minutes)<br>

<blockquote></blockquote><i>Week 3<br></i>
<blockquote><p>8 men reporting<br>
total XT: </p></blockquote><b>1489 minutes</b> (<b>186 minutes</b> per XTer)<br>
XT king: Labduck (440 minutes)<br>
<blockquote><p>11 men reporting<br>
total XT: </p></blockquote><b>5052 minutes</b> (<b>459 minutes</b> per XTer)<br>
XT king: Labduck (1145 minutes)<br>

You can see the spreadsheet <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></span>. If you see a mistake, send me a PM with the correction.

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Thanks Millbot, we appriciate your work.<br>
Come on men, "into the breach, tallyho, we've not yet begun to XT"<br>
Stuff like that<br><br>
M...............60 min (machines and a spin)<br>
W...............13 min<br>
T................30 min<br>
F................112 min<br>
S.................274 min bicycle<br><br>
ummm, that Souci looks uncatchable,<br>
"I need a PLAN, a plan", I say

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Thanks a ton for doing this Millbot!! It seems your spreadsheet is a violation of my company's policy, will have to look when I get home.<br><br>
Let's clean up that first spot ladies, onward!<br><br>
Monday=<b>Stairmaster 40 min</b><br>
Wednesday=<b>Weights 20 min</b><br>
Thursday=<b>Stairmaster 30 min arctrainer 10 min weights and abs 1 hour</b><br>
Saturday=<b>1 hour weights and abs</b><br>
Sunday=<b>30 min elliptical 10 min weights</b>

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M - 60 min. 2000 pool yds<br>
W - 75 min. 2700 yds.<br>
F - 44 min. 2100 yds/1.2mile. A long swim is not a smart way to help the x-training team here, sorry. A work out with lots of short distances and lots of rests would have yielded me 75 min. Oh well I need to start putting in a long swim each week, just like running.<br><br>

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.....thanks millbot..,,,,,,Welcome backj Jura,,,,<br>
Sun---<b>----not counting it----</b>--<br>
Tues......30min nordic<br>
Wed-----30min x-bike standing<br>
Thrus-----20-min hh run (dumb idea)<br>
nother Sun........hh run?<br>

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Did someone say cross-training? <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br><span style="text-decoration:underline;">My goals for this week:</span><br>
yoga 5x - <b>went 4x</b><br>
master's swim 2x - <b>done</b><br>
hip and shoulder rehab 2-3x - <b>done 2x</b><br>
strength training 2x - <b>did 1x</b><br><br>
How this will fit into my week is not clear yet, but I will do my best to work it all in.<br><br><b>Mon</b>- 30min hip rehab<br><b>Tues</b>- yoga 90min; master's swim 1hr 2600m<br><b>Wed</b>- zippadoodle<br><b>Thurs</b>- yoga 90min; master's swim 1:20hr 2500m<br><b>Fri</b>- 20min hip rehab (my shoulder feels better, so I focus on the hip)<br><b>Sat</b>- 70 min weight training AM, 90min yoga PM. Now I am pooped...<br><b>Sun</b>- 90min yoga<br><br><b>Total minutes: 620 min</b><br><br>
This is a great idea, Millbot, what fun!<br>

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The last week already?? gee, I was just getting warmed up! <img alt="cool.gif" src=""><br>
Thanks Mill for this fun competition. I only did 95 min of XT last week, but that's about 60 min more than I probably would have done w/o this game.<br>
I'll try to crank it up a notch for this final week!<br><br>
Monday: <b>25 min</b> abs/planks/stretch<br>
Tuesday: <b>25 min</b> abs/planks/stretch<br>
Wednesday: <b>60 min</b> yoga/pilates<br>
Thursday: <b>0</b><br>
Friday: <b>0</b><br>
Saturday: <b>52 min</b> rowing/elliptical/abs/planks/stretch<br>
Sunday: <b>20 min</b> abs/planks/stretch

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<b>Mon</b> - 30 minutes of crunches<br>
Tue - 30 minutes of crunches<br>
Wed - 30 minutes of crunches & planks<br>
Thu - 30 minutes of crunches<br>
Fri - 30 minutes of crunches & planks<br>
Sat - 30 minutes of crunches<br>
Sun - 30 minutes of crunches

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OK so here goes my first time around:<br>
M- 90 minutes Stretch, weights and core at the Y<br>
Th - 75 minutes weights and core at the Y<br><br><br>
No idea what else will happen in the Xtrain zone this week. Will edit as I go.<br><br>

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Hmmm, I'm lagging behind. When I get home tonight, I'll try to punch out 30 mins of abs work. Might be difficult depending on what time I get home after my bored, er, um "BOARD" meeting tonight. If it doesn't work out, I have a 1 hour yoga class planned for tomorrow morning, at least, and maybe I'll get there early and do 30 mins abs again!<br><br>
You boys are toast......might as well give up now.<br><br>

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well, I actually did do some core/ab work last week... but I didn't post it and now don't even remember what day! <img alt="huh.gif" src=""> So much for record keeping. So... last week is a wash, but I'll do better this week! Here's the place-holder for this week's stuff:<br>
Tally Ho, Ladies! Keep up the good work! <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">

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Thanks for all you do, Mike.<br><br>
Girl Power!<br><br>
Mon. 30 min core <b>(30 min DONE)</b><br>
Tues. Yoga & pilates <b>(90 min yoga DONE. Pilates?)</b><br>
Wed. 30 min core <b>nope</b><br>
Thur. Yoga & pilates <b>(60 mini yoga DONE)</b><br>
Sat. <b>(30 min core DONE)</b><br><br><b>Will try to do better next week!</b>

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millbot, you're the best! And your timing <i>impeccable</i>. Everyone here would be delivering a good swift X-training kick to my behind were it not for my need to do <i>something ... anything</i> while on the mend.<br><br>
jura's here. Susan says you guys are toast. But good <i>healthy</i> toast, ya understand.<br><br>
Oooh. Nice debut, 'Fli.<br><br>
ETA: <span style="font-size:smaller;">We're gonna kick that can of</span> Whoopass, CassadAAmius! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><b>M</b> - 60 mins (45 mins Workout B and pre-run PT exercises, 15 minutes plyo)<br><b>T</b> - 60 mins pool running<br><b>W</b> - 15 mins pre-run PT exercises<br><b>T</b> - 90 mins (30 mins rowing, 45 mins Workout A, 15 mins plyo)<br><b>F</b> - 45 mins (30 mins swimming, 15 mins pre-run PT exercises and stretching)<br><b>S</b> - 10 mins w/u exercises<br><b>S</b> - 75 mins (30 rowing, 45 gym)<br><br>
------------------------------------------<br><b>Total: 345 minutes<br><br>
That's it, that's all. Thanks, mill. It's been a gas!<br></b>

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Thanks again millbot! You've done an outstanding job with this challenge.<br><br>
Mon - 60 mins total; 30 mins TrekMill, 30 mins core/stretch (I also ran 3 miles that I should not foot went ouch)<br>
Tue - 105 mins total; 60 mins TrekMill, 45 mins core/stretch<br>
Wed - 15 mins core/stretch<br>
Thu - 90 mins total; 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins core, 30 mins TrekMill<br>
Fri - 20 mins core/stretch + Christmas party!<br>
Sat - 125 mins total; 30 mins elliptical, 30 mins bike, 35 mins TrekMill, 30 mins core/stretch (I had nuthin' else to do today...)<br>
Sun - 25 mins core/stretch

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Yah, Whole Grain Toast.<br><br><b>M:</b> Senator, i have no recollection of this event. . .<br><b>T: 65</b> minutes Upper Body weights etc. The details escape me since I recorded it nowhere. But I do recall running home with my very sore arms tucked in a my sides.<br><b>W: 15</b> minutes practicing single leg squats with stork extension randomly around the house (but not at the mall)<br><b>Th: 65 minutes</b> Lower Body torture to complement the upper body torture of earlier this week.<br>
Walking lunges x 50<br>
Walking lunges with squat jumps x 20<br>
hamstring curls 3 x 12 ea leg<br>
one-legged squat extensions 3 x 12 ea leg<br>
one-legged squat and stork extensions with medicine ball 3 x 12 ea leg<br>
one legged ball push ups with torso twist 3 x 8 ea side<br>
one legged thrust reverse extensions with knee ups 3 x 30 ea side<br>
one legged knee ups to kick pads with toe touch 3 x 30 ea side<br>
wobble board squats (ha)<br><b>F: 25</b> <b>minutes<br></b>various core thingies<br><b>(</b>Add another 30 minutes if Furniture Moving qualifies as cross-training.<b>)</b><br><b>S: 0</b> <b>minutes<br></b>Oh Noes, woke up with a really sore back, and the trip to the chiro did more harm than good.<br>
Ouch my back!!<br><b>S: 15</b> <b>minutes<br></b>Very careful stretching and stuff

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Thanks millbot!<br>
Monday=15 minutes stretching, 4 minutes planks<br>
Tuesday=15 minutes stretching, 3 minutes planks<br>
Wednesday=15 minutes stretching, 3 minutes planks<br>
Thursday=40 minutes biking, 15 minutes stretching, 4 minutes planks<br>
Friday=15 stretching, 3 planks<br>
Saturday=15 stretching, 3 planks<br>
Sunday=15 stretching, 3 planks<br>
Not much biking this week; mebbe that's why my legs felt so good for running<img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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Thanks millbot. Gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on the girls this week.<br><br>
M -- 40 min swim, 15 min strength/PT<br>
Tu -- rest<br>
W -- 40 min swim, 30 min incl. 100 situps, PT exercises, 4x30s 1.5 side planks each side<br>
Th -- 45 min elliptical, 35 min strength/PT 3x30s 1.5 side planks each side<br>
F -- rest<br>
S -- 45 min swim<br>
Su -- 45 min elliptical, 10 min strength/PT<br><br>
Total: 305 min

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M - 40 min swim<br>
W - 60 min yoga, 45 min swim

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Standings are updated in the first post. With today, Saturday, and Sunday left in the competition, here are some highlights.<br><br>
The ladies will win on total minutes, but the per-capita contest could go either way.<br><br>
The ladies' crown will probably go to Sans Souci, but choovie or hally could sneak up on her if they didn't have much else to do this weekend. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> If jura had shown up earlier, she would definitely be in the race.<br><span style="font-size:xx-small;"><span style="font-size:small;"><br>
The men's crown will go to Labduck or JJJessee. It's too close to call!<br></span></span>
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