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For me, March is all about focusing my fitness towards a peak performance on April 21.<br><br>
It will be a busy time for me. I've got a 22 miler on the schedule for tomorrow. Later this week, I head down to Tuscon for a triathlon camp. Then I'm doing the Cary March Madness HM, hoping to hit around 1:20. Another 22 miler late in the month and finishing it all up with the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k.<br><br>
I expect that I'll be doing a lot of repeat miles and tempo paced runs this month as I try to nail down my goal marathon pace and get really comfortable running at that speed or slightly faster.<br><br>
Biking and swimming will continue to be an afterthought until after Boston. I'll be concentrating on getting plenty of sleep, eating right and staying away from anything stupid that could lead to injury. I'll probably schedule in some sports massages, which I haven't done in about 6-8 months.<br><br>
Spring should be showing up here in Chicagoland, I'm really looking forward to it after what has been a miserable and long winter. I can't wait to be able to run without 8 layers and maybe even get some outside rides in.<br><br>

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March for me is base building, as I've just started back into training. My first race isn't until June, and it's just a sprint. My big race (HIM) isn't until Oct.<br><br>
My focus for March will be:<br><br>
swim technique<br>
bike endurance<br>
building muscle through weight training (esp. in legs!)

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continue to build running base (and confidence)<br>
begin swim and bike training<br>
possibly buy a bike this month!!!!

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I have my first tri in two weeks. So for me it is a taper and then recovery, nothing schedule after the tri until late April.

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Looking back on February, moving forward to March…<br><br><b>February Stated Goals</b><br><br><b>Goal:</b> Build endurance and speed in the swim, continue building strength on the bike with a semblance of speed but mostly a slight increase in endurance, and to continue speed and strength on the run.<br><br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">Assessment:</span></b> February was good month for me. Despite suffering a set back in the form of the Flu for a week and a half, of which I am still recovering, the month started and progressed to that point with all I hoped. I started speed work intervals on the swim, giving me a base level to work from; I ramped up my Trainer session to the hour thirty mark and felt rather comfortable, which is impressive to me because all 90 minutes were quality work with very little random spinning about with no resistance; and the run continued well with just enough speed and hill work to keep me speedy but not enough to get me injured. Likewise, I was also able to get in month number 18 (marathon number 37 of all) in my marathon-a-month obsession.<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">GRADE: B+</span></b><br><br><b>Run</b><br>
o Continue hills (alternate w/speed).<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(A):</span></b> did proper hill work.<br>
o Continue speed (insert more quality, alternate w/hills).<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(B):</span></b> did only a semblance of speed, but was enough.<br>
o Extend Marathon-A-Month streak to 18.<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(A):</span></b> Completed the Quannapowitt Winter Marathon at a leisurely pace among good friends. I only give this an A-grade, rather than A++, because the marathon I had intended to run (backed out because of Flu), I was going to race.<br><br><b>Bike</b><br>
o Continue build for strength with low cadence/high wattage. (Bring avg. watts to 300)<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(A++):</span></b> Brought power to 302 and 303W respectively on Ladder Workout prior to Flu. Still recovering but I expect to be back above 300W shortly.<br>
o Build endurance up to 1:45. Get comfortable totaling 1:30 quality ride.<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(B):</span></b> Did 1:30 twice and felt good. Never got to 1:45 due to Flu, but I don’t need it just yet.<br>
o Start higher cadence work.<br><b><span style="color:#FF0000;">FAIL(C-):</span></b> Got the Flu. But never tried.<br><br><b>Swim</b><br>
o Continue drills.<br><b><span style="color:#FF0000;">FAIL(C):</span></b> Did very few drills.<br>
o Speed intervals.<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(A+):</span></b> Established base level at the 100 yard distance.<br>
o Endurance: 50 laps once, 60 laps once.<br><b><span style="color:#FF0000;">FAIL(F):</span></b> Didn’t do, nor did I even try. Did get 44 laps but only by accident.<br><br><b>Brick</b><br>
o Continue with short brick at least once every other week.<br><b><span style="color:#0000FF;">PASS(A++):</span></b> Brick run is only getting better!<br><br>
Moving forward…<br><br><b>March Fitness Focus</b><br><br><b>Goal:</b> Continue building speed on the swim while also bumping endurance, continue power phase on the bike while also increasing quality endurance, and get back to more proper speed work on the run while also logging month number 19 for the marathon-a-month quest.<br><br><b>Run</b><br>
o Get back to proper speed work. (Focus speed over hills.)<br>
o Continue a semblance of hill work. (Focus is speed this month.)<br>
o Stag Run - Month number 19 in marathon-a-month.<br><br><b>Bike</b><br>
o Get consistently over 300W on normal Trainer rides.<br>
o Weekly quality Trainer session of 1:30.<br>
o Long quality Trainer session of 2 hours.<br>
o Insert workout at least twice in month of bigger gear/high cadence work for top power output.<br>
o If roads are conducive to riding comfortably, get out and ride!<br><br><b>Swim</b><br>
o Weekly speed session. Try to get at least one 100 yard interval close to :45 seconds per lap for 1:30. (Lofty goal since I’ve never hit :45 secs.)<br>
o Hit 60 laps once in month.<br>
o Do semblance of Drills.<br><br><b>Brick</b><br>
o Continue brick run once per week after long Trainer ride.

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- Start next 4 week running cycle adding speed and hill work with goal of increasing speed for May marathon relay (6mi).<br>
- Continue focus on strength training and yoga.<br>
- Continue focus on good eating practices and losing weight.<br>
- Once I get my new bike trainer (ordered last week) get that set up and figure out how to fit it into the plan starting with 2x/week to start 8-week basebuilding plan before outdoor season begins.<br>
- Find a pool!

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- Finish my third period of basebuilding by really starting to attack hills on the bike & run and building some more strength & speed in the pool<br>
- PR my 15K in two weeks even though I'm not doing any targeted speedwork and will be training straight through it. I'm planning to do this just on base alone.
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