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Marathon Pace?

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I have a spring marathon coming up. My last 3 marathons have been around 3:48. I want to run at 3:45. I have always gone out at either 8:35 or faster and tried to hold pace or else gone slightly fast 8:25 to allow for fade. I was reading Alberto Salazar and he says go out at 8:40 and run the second half at 8:30. I'm afraid to try this because I think I'll fade anyway.<br><br>
I average only about 40 miles a week during training maybe hitting 50 miles on my longest week. I think that part of why I fade is low mileage, but I think I'm stuck with that mileage.<br><br>
Should I try Salazar's slower start?
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At longer distances my PRs have splits that are very even. With my 1/2 having the first few miles about 2-3 seconds faster than the closing miles. Opposite for the marathon. Best times are even, and then about 5 seconds faster in the last few miles.<br>
I don't believe in "buffers". Oh, and going out super slow, didn't work for me either. The key is a "little slower", It's hard to make up a 2 minute deficit in the second half....I tried that to get a PW
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