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Maintain Campaign 2007: Day 29

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Commit to Be Fit! Write down your fitness goals for the year, 10 pts
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Ooh! I wrote these in my hard-copy running log. Most are track...I haven't thought to much ahead of that.<br><br>
I'll rewrite some off the top of my head here.<br><br>
-sub 2 800m<br>
-sub 4:30 1600m<br>
-sub 9:40 3200m<br>
-as close to 2000 miles as I can get for the year<br>
-State track in at least one event<br>
-finish up my winter of running and be ready for track, and healthy<br>
-run hardcore all summer<br>
-make the UWRF XC team
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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