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Madison T-shirt

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Summary, since the other thread is at 18 pages:<br><br>
1) Ordering from the KR store<br>
2) Leading color in the clubhouse is <span>Orange</span><br>
3) Potential slogans: I'm Just Here For The Beer or Slo Mo Fo (or Slo Moe Fo for one in particular)<br><br>
Do we want Madison '08 on there? Front? Back?<br><br>
Anything else?
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Whatever the majority wants, I'm cool with. I can adapt to any color.
I like the idea of personalizing the shirt using that slogan but if I'm remebering correctly from when I organized obtaining shirts for my organization in school there has to be a screen for every variation on a shirt so changing one word on each shirt requires a screen for each shirt - which here was 22 dollars per screen, per shirt before you even talk shirt and printing cost.<br><br>
Now leaving it blank and letting everyone add what they want at home is a thought but if you're like me, I'd find some way to screw that up, even though the girl at the printing store told me you can get T shirt transfer paper at Wal-mart and add anything to a shirt you can dream of.<br><br>
So I think it would be easier to come up with one complete slogan and go with it.
In for the idea of the Champion shirts also. Which ever style for the ladies the majority agrees on I'm OK with. I like <b>Brandy's</b> ideas for the slogan.
Same as Kris, M sleeveless, unless the group wants sleeves. Either is fine with me.<br><br>
And can someone confirm they don't run small? Thanks.
Orange matches purple and gold right? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
1 - 6 of 162 Posts
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