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Madison T-shirt

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Summary, since the other thread is at 18 pages:<br><br>
1) Ordering from the KR store<br>
2) Leading color in the clubhouse is <span>Orange</span><br>
3) Potential slogans: I'm Just Here For The Beer or Slo Mo Fo (or Slo Moe Fo for one in particular)<br><br>
Do we want Madison '08 on there? Front? Back?<br><br>
Anything else?
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wait! sensing red-head bias to orange here! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Lori let us know what you find out...<br><br>
Beth mentioned though too - I want a good tech tee, not like the ones from running banana.
+1 on this! good shirt + donation
I'm leaning towards Mary's imaginary friends as well. no offense Brandy.
If I think I'm real, I'm real, right? Or is it all a dream? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Bringing this back to the top...<br><br>
Beaker - any word from your connection?<br><br>
Are we still thinking about this?
Bringing this back to the top...<br><br>
any further developments?
Gang -<br><br>
the track coach here at the college recently gave me a Champion version of dri-fit, fits great, etc. Comes in orange.<br><br>
Here is a link to the women's version (poke around those of you who want tanks/singlet style) <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
and here is a link to the men's <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
if we're interested in this I'll talk to the coach and see who did them for the team (it has the school log on it) and see what kind of price/deal we might be able to get, if we're interested in that.
Liam I'm all for supporting the site, but the selection is limited and a bit pricey.<br><br>
Just threw some other options out there, but will definitely go with the KR store if that's what the group decides on.
will talk to the track coach today and get the number of his person.<br><br>
I guess I need to know how many and what style for the women folk and the number for the guys.<br><br>
Have contact person/ I just need a ballpark number of shirts and an idea of what we're going to put on the shirt. If we can figure that out I can get in touch with him on Monday/Tuesday.
Okay for clarificiation, we need as few styles of shirt as possible. If we want to use the Champion ones then the men's choice is the link above and the women's choices are:<br><br>
ladies shirt: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
ladies tank: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
there is a sleeveless version of the men's shirt as well. <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Hopefully this works for everyone and they will pop in between now and Monday so we can get a solid estimate on number of shirts and what we're going to print on 'em.
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okay so <b>Brandy's</b> slogan on the back...KR logo (if we're allowed to get it) on the front. Where on the front and how big?
was thinking all of them listed on the back <span style="color:#008000;"><b>Maria</b></span> and you'd be proud, I'm starting a spreadsheet. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Now I just need an accurate list of who all is going to be there!
Okay People - those of you interested in a shirt please do the following:<br><br>
I need numbers of shirts and sizes in order to call and get a price quote. Kathleen is helping with the artwork for the front - the KR logo.<br><br>
Do we want "Madison 2008" under the logo?<br><br>
On the back will be:<br>
Reasons I came to Madison:<br>
a) Missing the meet up would be TEH SUCK<br>
3) Great race fort hose who like to mean race<br>
II) Excuse to use the strap on in public<br><br>
Shirt will be orange.<br><br>
Send me a PM of what style shirt from the list above and what size.<br><br>
I want to make the call to the guy later this week if at all possible.
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<b><span style="color:#008000;">Biah</span></b> - got it.
I have heard from the following people who want a t-shirt for Madison:<br>
LSU Tiff - need what size and what style<br>
Mary - did you ask Mr. McTortle?<br>
If you don't see your name on here get in touch with me this week. I'm calling to get prices next week when we get back from Texas.
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no paypal account.<br>
checks okay, but gotta get the price info first (shouldn't be a problem folks payin' me back)<br><br>
T-shirt Update:<br><br>
Finally got some prices yesterday (the guy I'm dealing with was on spring break all of last week) and I've got some bad news and we have a decision to make:<br><br>
orange ain't happening - he can't get that color<br>
the ladies tank ain't happening - he can't get that style<br>
***evidently champion is changing their styles/offerings right now<br><br>
so it comes down to this - men's short sleeve shirt (same style as before) color choices are: Black, Scarlet, White, Team Blue, Stone Gray, Vibe Blue<br><br>
ladies short sleeve shirt (same style as before) color choices are: Black, Snow Blue, Heritage Navy and White<br><br>
if we choose one of those colors it will cost about $20-25 total for the shirt and printing<br><br>
They have a turn around of 7-10 working days.<br><br>
So, we can pick a color and go with it or we can bag the whole thing (especially if the ladies tank being off the table is a deal breaker) let me know.
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Honestly at this point it may be an exercise in may just not happen.
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