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Madison T-shirt

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Summary, since the other thread is at 18 pages:<br><br>
1) Ordering from the KR store<br>
2) Leading color in the clubhouse is <span>Orange</span><br>
3) Potential slogans: I'm Just Here For The Beer or Slo Mo Fo (or Slo Moe Fo for one in particular)<br><br>
Do we want Madison '08 on there? Front? Back?<br><br>
Anything else?
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I'm all for orange, I want a tech shirt...and I can have "Slow Moe" on the front so I don't really care what the slogan is. I'm quite flexible on this! Remarkable, I know!!!
does this mean we WON'T get our shirts from Kick itself (and they won't get a bit of profit?)
what happened to: I'm a Slo Mo Fo?
I like Champion shirts, so I'm all for it. Don't care what it says or where we get it. Just let me know where to send money.
Large shortsleeve here.
if we can't get orange from your guy, Kev, maybe we should reconsider sending the biz to Kick???
we have over a month...want me to take over, Kev? I'm sure I can organize shirts.<br><br>
Or, what color do you like, Kev? since you were the one to look into it, just pick another color and that's that.<br><br>
I'm happy with anything.
I could wear my orange hat from old....<br><br>
with the hawaiian print.<br><br><img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Beth, I'd said the same thing earlier this week...if you guys want, I can try to get something going here, but I'm flying in, and I don't want to have to take everything with me again like I did in Philly 2 years ago.
do people want shirts to run in? Because I'll do it.
Beth, maybe just get one on your own...unless there are enough people who really want them. Jill organized the Philly shirts...if you want to take the lead, she might be able to give you her information.
1 - 10 of 162 Posts
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