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Madison T-shirt

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Summary, since the other thread is at 18 pages:<br><br>
1) Ordering from the KR store<br>
2) Leading color in the clubhouse is <span>Orange</span><br>
3) Potential slogans: I'm Just Here For The Beer or Slo Mo Fo (or Slo Moe Fo for one in particular)<br><br>
Do we want Madison '08 on there? Front? Back?<br><br>
Anything else?
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I would like having our names on there as well like we did for the original 30s CR shirts..... I actually had someone come up to me at the Pig who recognized me from the board because of my screen name!
Good idea, brandy. Maybe we should find out the normal amount that Kick receives from sales....
Hmm. Odd. I don't think I get it still, but ok! Must be an effect of the other thread breaking? I missed all that since I've been crazy at work!<br><br>
I was hoping for the beer one, too, btw... but it's ok if others aren't!
What other colors are available?<br><br>
And I like the Slo mo fo or here for the... ones better...
Only as long as we really don't have to write it in like was originally suggested (don't think that would look so great...)<br><br>
Perhaps we could do it like a multiple choice question? (Sorry, I don't remember the other suggestions at the moment and am too lazy to go research them...)<br><br>
a) Beer<br>
2. (other alcohol y'all want to list!)<br>
iii- whatever choice you want to put!<br>
IV. All of the above<br><br>
Make sense?
LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> YES!<br><br>
And thanks for keeping on this Kevin! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Well, we will all be paying a subscription soon for kick anyway. I think it was determined that they don't offer wicking shirts, right? And no orange either.
Ooh I like pink! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
And "out the door" meaning including printing/shipping?
Are they dri-fit (or whatever it is for hats?) They look good, though!<br><br>
I like the idea, but I still wanted a shirt. I'm kinda confused why it became extinct. If KP has a vendor with certain colors, let's just set up a poll to vote on the color and voila! Majority wins. If you don't like the color, then you don't have to get one? (Not being snarky)<br><br>
I was looking forward to having a shirt like we did for Philly. That's one of my favorite shirts to run in. I was thinking if the person in charge was worried about having to take them in their suitcase on the plane, why not just have them delivered to a local (or someone driving) instead?
Yeah, I thought of that. If I knew that things wouldn't be over the moon crazy at the end of school the next couple of weeks, I'd do that. I won't just order one for myself. Point is to have one as a group. Guess I'll just go with the orange visor. I don't have any visors and that would be useful for summer running with my new short hair, I guess! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Maria- that's hilarious!!<br><br>
How do we do customised tattoos? Is that in the KR shop?
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