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Madison T-shirt

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Summary, since the other thread is at 18 pages:<br><br>
1) Ordering from the KR store<br>
2) Leading color in the clubhouse is <span>Orange</span><br>
3) Potential slogans: I'm Just Here For The Beer or Slo Mo Fo (or Slo Moe Fo for one in particular)<br><br>
Do we want Madison '08 on there? Front? Back?<br><br>
Anything else?
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are you able to find an orange tech shirt from KR? I wasn't. I would prefer to have something for the wimmins that is made for the wimmins....I no likey the chafing!
just a thought - orange might be a hard find for a good price. The only ones I can find are ones that are 40bucks a piece and with screen printing, we are talking spendy.
nope! I love orange! I just couldn't find any under $40!
how much do they get from an order though? In my opinion, I would like the best quality cheap shirt and then maybe we donate to Kick instead. thoughts? $5 extra per person ?
I don't understand hating is like hating all dogs..there has got to be one you just haven't found it yet!<br><br>
I don't need anything to sing karoke...nothing. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
how bout..<br><br><b>I am just here for the _________________</b><br><br>
and you can fill in what you want with magic marker
no imaginary friends..I think you people are real..right?
dude I can postdate my post...take that suckers!
see, a little above when I offer another solution. I JUST posted that but yet it acted like I posted it AGES ago. I am magic
I think that is why my suggestion is can write whatever you want in there...I would write beer, others could write wimmins, friends, w/e they want.... I want beer. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I like the tank - not sure if it'll flatter but w/e<br><br>
stuff on the shirt<br><br>
Kick logo on front<br><br>
Back: reasons I came to Madison<br><br>
a) missing the meetup would be TEH SUCK<br>
3) Great race fort hose who like to mean run<br>
II) excuse to use the strap on in public
Oh I think he'll do it...after a few beers....
I like Pink <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
but orange would have rocked.<br><br>
must have tank.
as long as their is a VISOR option - it's cool!
I have several of these visors and LOVE them. I wear visors all the time (unless I wear a hat for the cold). so cute!
1 - 20 of 162 Posts
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