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Loser Thread 3/19

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232.8. First time I've seen 232 in a long time, even if by .2, I'll take it<br><br>
-0.2 for me
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Nice Job Ron!!<br><br>
Looks like everyone is headed is the right direction.<br><br>
ECT: I love weight watchers!!! I used them after college (OMG that was 20 years ago!!). I love them because they teach you how to eat real food, not some prepackaged stuff.<br><br>
Me: After about 10 weeks of loosing steady I didn't loose anything this week. Only change was no BIG workouts. My stress fracture site is bothering me again. I also find I am not eating enough calories so my body could be going into a bad mode.<br><br>
I met with a nutritionist yesterday for the first time. It was great. I got a good idea of where my calories should be. She wants me to aim for 2000 calories per day on an average workout day with a variance of 1800 to 2200 on non-workout days and my super long workout days. I have been tracking my calories for the last 2 weeks and I am averaging about 1600 so she really wants me to ramp that up. And she would love to see a 50% carb as well. Mine have been below 40% on most days. My bodyfat was 27%, I was expecting over 30% so I was happy with that. She said based on my bodyfat and muscle weight, she doesn't want to see me go below 142lbs, which would put me at about 20% bodyfat. She totally praised me for the way I have been eating, she just wants me to eat more, hey nobody has to tell me that twice.<br><br>
Jan 1. 167<br>
Today: 151.5
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I would like to try and maintain at 145. According to my nutritionist, this puts me at 22% body fat. Once I loose the weight, I'll have to see what maintence will be like. I would not be unhappy if I maintained around 150 but my weight has flucuated so much my whole life I don't know what my "real" weight is. A size 8 would be nice!!!!
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