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Loooooong Road to Boston, 1/21 - 1/28

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I have no idea what's going on with my toe. It felt like it had just gotten rubbed a bit on the side of my big toe during that 50K trail race on 12/29. I was on XT only after that because of soreness in my tendon. Then, when I got back to running regularly, I would get some pain on the side of my toe and on the last day I ran, the pain kind of took over my entire toe and felt really bad, so I haven't run since which sucks since I have a marathon in 12 days. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
Sorry about all the treadmill action, but at least it's early on in your program and it'll be warmer when your runs get especially long.
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I've been working on miles, miles, miles. I'm adding 1/2 mile to my commute runs each way, and 2 miles to my lunch runs, for 10 miles total most days. Saturday, I intend to put in another 20 miler for my second week in a row in the 70 range (69.5 last week). The week after that I anticipate backing off a bit as I taper for Lost Dutchman.
Hi Nettie,<br><br>
I'm not sure what my goal should be for Lost Dutchman. I don't get to run tuneup races in the 4-6 weeks before that might give me a realistic sense of my marathon pace. My current PR is 3:50 from PF Chang in 2007, and I feel like I should be able to beat that, but I have read somewhat mixed reviews on how slow the course is. I think I'll probably pace myself for a 3:50 for the first 10K and then see how I'm feeling. Hopefully I'll be feeling good...<br><br>
I'd like to rachet my PR down a bit at a time, I need a 3:15...long way to go. Loooooooonnnngggg way to go.
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