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Loooong Road to Boston - week of 1/7

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<i>Very</i> light week for me last week (had outpatient surgery) - just a 5k race. 25:50, not as well as I would have liked, but it was pretty hilly and I made a few tacticle errors. Now I've got a baseline reading for VDOT which I'll use to set my training paces. 18/55 shcedule starts next week!<br><br>
Getting back into it tomorrow with a short (2-4 mile) run to get my toes wet and see how recovery is going.
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Hey all,<br><br>
Nice running/cross-training/taper-social-eventing everyone!<br><b>L-Train:</b> that is a nice start to the week! a 16-mile race sounds like fun -even if it is a supported training run. There are definitely not enough races between HM/Marathon distance. I wish I could find some.<br><br><b>Incomplete Pete:</b> already running post surgery! amazing. I hope it wasn't anything serious.<br><br><b>kcwoodhead:</b> Sounds like a fun taper! Can't wait to read your race report!<br><br><b>Nettie:</b> Nice recovery schedule! Looks like the recovery is going well. Cleveland ended up getting your rain this afternoon. (I'm glad I ran this morning, otherwise I might have TM'd!)<br><br>
I did my second week of base building this last week. I am at 56 miles and still feel pretty good. I've done these miles before - though more randomly with more 0 days and higher mile days - about a year ago, so I felt ok ramping up quickly. But this is the first time I've done 50s for two weeks in a row (this week will be 3 in a row). I'm taking what Jim said in the Boston thread to heart and trying for that 50-60s mileage, to see what that gets me.<br><br>
Official marathon training (Pfitz 18/70) for Cleveland starts next week - but I might take more of a cut back week than the schedule calls for - depends on how I'm feeling at the end of this week.<br><br>
happy running everyone!<br>
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Great Job, Kathleen! That is a fantastic PR!!!
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