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Loooong Road to Boston - week of 1/7

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<i>Very</i> light week for me last week (had outpatient surgery) - just a 5k race. 25:50, not as well as I would have liked, but it was pretty hilly and I made a few tacticle errors. Now I've got a baseline reading for VDOT which I'll use to set my training paces. 18/55 shcedule starts next week!<br><br>
Getting back into it tomorrow with a short (2-4 mile) run to get my toes wet and see how recovery is going.
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<b>LTrain</b> - Looks like you had a good week last week.<br><b>KC</b> - Nice social schedule. I have a hard time following those. Pfitz and Daniels don't write much about that part of training and as a result it's a pretty lax are of my training. What's your goal for this marathon?<br><b>Nettie</b> Glad your tendon's just about better. You've got a pretty heft xtraining shcedule; do you usually cross train that much or is it just because of your perionneal problems?<br><br>
Did 4 great miles this morning - my first run after surgery on Friday. Went out just to test teh waters and wished I had given myself a little more time as I would have liked to go a bit further. It was 43 degrees this morning - shorts and no jacket weather!
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