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Hi Guys.. It looks as if the developers have finished the new log. It is live and active. I hope it was worth the investment!.<br><br>
So, what's next? Promotions time! Only Premium subscribers will have access to the new log - The Free log will be like the older version (But integrated into vbulletin to allow advertising placement and additional site information). The new Exercise log will not have any ad spaces - with the exception of the banner ad in the top corner of the site - but subscribers shouldn't see that one anyway.<br><br>
The New Log will be available to everyone until Jan 1st. Then, the subscriber based format will go into effect. I need to start writing up the promotional material and will work on that over the next week or so.<br><br>
Whats next???<br><br>
IF I can raise enough money via subscriptions, then the log will go to phase III Development - Included in that phase:<br><br>
1. Google Maps integration with Garmin Data (all garmin data can be uploaded and will be used with Google Maps)<br>
2. Enhanced Reporting - this will be the focus. We know how anal runners are and having the ability to report and display their results are important.<br><br>
3. Any additional clean up and modifications based on feedback of usage of current log.<br><br><br>
This phase cost us almost $2,000.00 - My guess is the next phase will run about the same. So - where are we at financially? I still owe my brother about $1500.00 from the original log. Our advertising revenue just about makes us 'cost- neutral' - meaning our ad revenue is almost equal to the cost of the server.<br><br>
All in all , I'm happy with the results and where we are. Traffic is stable with about the same amount of people visiting a week/month as it has been for the last year. Meaning - we've picked up members and have lost members - which is the ebb and flow of any site. I'd like to find new ways to draw people in and will probably start advertising via our banner affiliate partner and see how that works.<br><br><br>
Any suggestions or input you guys may offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks<br><br><br><br>
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