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Lehigh Valley River Marathon

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Most imporant things:<br>
I did it-I ran the whole thing<br>
I'm still alive<br>
I had a great time<br><br>
It really was a lot of fun. My time was slower then I had hoped (4.19) but with the combination of nerves and the humidity I'm happy with that. The course was beautiful-from Allentown to Easton, PA mostly on the canal towpath which is probably why I was not sore afterwards. The canal path was dirt/gravel which is easier on my legs. I met up with a great girl from Philly running her first marathon and we ran together almost the whole way. The leaves were changing and except for the humidity it was a beautiful day. One HUGE hill at mile 14 but otherwise pretty flat. Yeah, I know race reports are supposed to have splits and things in them but I kind of didn't pay attention to that. So I have two questions for the experts here:<br>
1) The only bad thing. Right after I finished I got dizzy and had to sit for about 25 mins. After I ate/drank I was fine the rest of the day and I felt fine the whole time running. I drank a lot of gatorade and ate a few packs of swedish fish along the way. Any idea what that was? I would really like to avoid it next time.<br>
2) This might sound crazy but could I possibly get ready to run another one (Harrisburg/Philly) in the middle of Nov?<br>
Most important part of this report is to thank everyone here for their advice and encouragement. There are a lot of great people on this board and I've enjoyed virtually meeting everyone. I also got to run with another Kickster for a 20 mile training run (runningINnyc) which was so great and another one (Jill) came to cheer me on at the finish line on Sunday. What a great experience this has been.
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Humidity is a pace-killer, yet it sounds like you handled it the best you could. I wouldn't be surprized if your next one, in better weather, will be an improvement.<br><br>
Not sure about your finish line dizziness. Running for that long and drinking the same drink will make just about everyone a bit ill. Could be low-blood sugar? After the hard efforts, I go for sugary soda and calories ASAP. Sounds like you did the same.<br><br>
Congrats and enjoy the accomplishment. Let your body recover some, but if you feel okay to keep your running routine, by all means, you certainly can carry your fitness on to the next challenge.<br><br>
Now, the question of the day: Did you get your boots, or skirt? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
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