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Learn a few bike skills

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Very good instructional <a href="" target="_blank">article here</a>.
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There's a 160 mile bike race from Montreal to Quebec every year. the first 20 or so miles out of Montreal are at a controlled pace and an amazing amount of whizzing goes on everywhere in the group, as everyone has been eating and drinking like crazy to get ready for the hellishness ahead. Once the racing starts, it's just flat out 28+ mph the whole way for 6 hours, so going to the bathroom becomes this major chore with having to draft back up through the cars behind the race and dragging team mates back to help push you along. There is no worse feeling than seeing the back of the group get smaller by the minute as you push someone along and they finally say "I can't make myself go!"<br><br>
It's so rural here, I whiz off the bike most days in training so it's just like any other day...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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