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<span style="font-size:medium;"><b>Team Leaderboard</b></span><br><br>
Team - Pts. - Miles<br><br>
G - 1410 - 352.5<br>
B - 1387 - 346.75<br>
C - 1290 - 322.5<br>
A - 1269 - 317.25<br>
I - 1260 - 315<br>
H - 1220 - 305<br>
E - 1178 - 294.5<br>
J - 1139 - 284.75<br>
D - 1112 - 278<br>
F - 1056 - 264<br><br>
All Teams have passed through the first 2 check points in San Bernardino and Barstow. Teams did not pause long in the Gate City, seemingly eager to press on to the Colorado River. <span style="color:#FF0000;">Fartlek Fury</span> (Team F) did take a few moments to pay homage at the Birthplace of McDonald's, costing them precious time. rUnbeatable (f/k/a Team G) and Team B were not similarly moved so there was no doubt that the first Del Taco restaurant would hold little charm for them.<br><br>
Team B and rUnbeatable have crossed into Arizona and are just east of Kingman. Team C is almost to the Colorado. The rest of the teams are in the vastness of the eastern California deserts, dreaming perhaps of the cool pines of Flagstaff.<br><br>
Team B seems to have discovered one of the key strategies from Round 6, namely, having Mike (<b>rassmussenmp</b>) on their team. Can victory long be denied a team with such keen strategic insight? <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br><br><b>Individual Leaderboard</b><br><br>
Player - Weekend 1 Score<br>
rasmussenmp - 251<br>
Yo Mikey - 224<br>
JJJessee - 209<br>
RocketPack - 206<br>
SLOjim - 197<br>
Alemma - 187<br>
Mailbox Head - 187<br>
alan fletcher - 185<br>
Aija - 175<br>
KyKy - 172<br><br><br>
Other races have age groups. We have Badassery!<br><br><b>Badass Leaderboard</b><br><br>
Level - Player - Weekend 1 Score<br>
Titanium - rasmussenmp - 251<br>
Mega - Yo Mikey - 224<br>
Super - SLOjim - 197<br>
Bad - LSU_Fan_Tiff - 141<br>
BAIT - Apple - 117<br><br><br>
Don't make me dust off the Commish's speech about Being Careful Out There. Know your own limits and stay safe. It's still a long way to New York.<br><br>
Great First Weekend, everyone!<br>
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