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lateral play in rear wheel

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<p>My rear wheel has a small amount of lateral play at the hub. The hub/cassette are practically new, only with a few hundred kms on them. I just noticed the movement now. The hub is a Shimano WHR550.</p>
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<p>Do I need to take it in, or is a bit of play ok? My other wheels and the wheels on dh's bike are solid, so I am thinking it is not ok.</p>
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<p>What say you, bike gurus?</p>
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<p>Thanks John....I will pop into the lbs with it tomorrow. This wheel has given me nothing but grief since I got the bike.....just cheap I guess.</p>
<p>LOL....I have no idea what you just said beyond that wheel is crap, which I agree with. The front has been fine, but the rear has been in the shop way too many times.</p>
<p>Will do. Thanks for your help.</p>
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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