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Last weekend of April - workouts!

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1/3 of the 2023 will be gone!!

Sat was 6 mile run with DH. and yard work. In the evening, I went to myTri club’s gathering, which was very nice. They recognized Mark as the Member of the Year.. as his wife couldn’t make it to the banquet (their last kid is graduating!!) so the club presented the member trophy (which has been passing each year’s winner) to me, prob the closest friend to him in the attendance. Very honored and sad still. The trophy will stay on my house mantle until his wife can pick it up.

Sunday, had a quick 2 mile walk with DH. Then onto a planning session of the upcoming backpacking trip with S. Then yard work again. Boy, I really wish I had 3-day weekend. I leaned a new term, “bare minimum Monday” sounds like a fab idea!!
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Ooo! I like Bare minimum Monday - think I will adopt that! I agree, Yo - def need 3 day weekends!

Forgot to post Friday - run at lunch and then we took our boat down to get patched and then buffed...which was an adventure ...especially since the trailer came of the truck and the boat jumped on the trailer. Luckily (?) this happened right in front of a motorcycle shop, so they were able to forklift the trailer up and get it back on the hitch. and then we slowly made the trip to the body shop. which is where it will remain for the next couple of weeks.

Weekend? Nothing much but a bunch of errands and getting some stuff organized around the house.
Wow i’m Watching now this video 20 Mile Long Run training for a 2:30 Marathon
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