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Thanks for all your fine words about taking a little time off. THats what I need to od but don't' want to. Yesterday's ski was easy today I planned a day off.
All the paperwork issues seem to be circling. No one cna "fix" their software to get the correct address for our company and I dot' want to say no more than endless annoyances.

The new skis ordered for SO are mis drilled and there are no more of that ski left to buy (the shop was willing to replace them).

I spent the day at the ocmptuer and then walking bakc and foth to the barn too many times to count, it shoudl be worht a few miels. Then a moose found salt on the road and wouldn't get off. As I live in the nearest house visable to the road people started coming to my door hoping I could help. I ended up doing a bunch more running aorudn tyrign to get more help but the darn moose is still there he ran off long enough to end the evenign traffic jam but I fear there will be a collision in the dark. So cna I count some miles of run/walk in the snow ?
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