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Land Between the Lakes Trail Runs (50mi, 60k, Marathon, 14mi)

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Anyone planning to do any these?<br><br>
I'm heading down there to run the 50 mile and then visit the family (southern Indiana). Would be cool to bump into other kickrunners while there.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">LBL Trail Runs</a><br><br>
- Chris
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Hey Chris - Good luck to you. I was in KY the weekend before this past weekend and ran LLTH 50K (the friend I ran this race with is running LBL 60K). Tough course/conditions at LLTH. You won't be dealing with any of this. Although no 50M is ever easy in my opinion.<br><br>
I'd love to be there, but have to pass this year since I'll be running the weekend prior(MI) and the weekend after(OH).<br><br>
Hey Chris - I am seriously considering it. I've signed up for Cascade Crest, but can back out as late as July to get a refund. I know if I go back to Leadville I will head out prior to get some acclimation, but it won't be much because of vacation days. I think I can swing a 4 day weekend where I would like to get a double crossing of HOPE done over that time. Whether it helps is another matter. Not really sure yet if my wife wants me to go back this year or not (since she crews for me). I have a room reserved just in case.<br>
Take care. craig
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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