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Knee pain as well....

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Ran a 10k on the 31st. Felt fine, until last 1k and my left knee felt like it needed to pop. Then, when it wouldn't, it kind of siezed up and felt like someone stuck a fork in it. Ouch.<br><br>
That evening and next day it felt bruised and twingy...but only when touching it directly and only when walking down stairs. No other pain.<br><br>
Today ,didn't feel bad, so decided to try a short run. A few strides in and that same sharp pain again. And now that bruising feeling. It doesn't hurt in most positions I put it in. Only when running. Could bike fine. Can kneel on it. It seems it is impact related.<br><br>
Any ideas?
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When my IT band issue was more acute, I had sharp stick-a-knife-in-it pain in my knee, where the IT pain usually was, and it was sorta sticking a bit during the run when it happened, as if there was something preventing smooth movement. It was about mile 6 or 7 of an 8 mile run, I think, and if I sorta ran without bending my knee or bending it less, the pain wouldn't occur. I don't know if the problem with a tight IT band may pull something out of whack to cause the more severe pain due to it misaligning something perhaps. I don't know if this is similar to what you're experiencing.
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