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Well, we went out looking tonight at bikes for DDs(6). We went 4 different places with little luck. We went to 2 sporting goods stores, Sears, and Toys R Us (we don't shop at Walmart anymore, so that was out, and Target didn't have much on their website). Sears doesn't have bikes in store. Toys R Us didn't have any 20" bikes with gears. Academy (a Texas sporting goods store, cheaper than Sports Authority -- awesome for running gear and such!) had one 20" bike with gears. It was the same one they had on their website for $70. It looked really good, BUT it was HUGE!!! DDs could barely even stand over it, much less get on the seat. The seat did not lower very much. Overall, it seemed like a decent bike for $70, though. Then, we went to Sports Authority. They carry nicer bikes, though. All they had in a 20" was an Iron Horse bike. It was a great bike! It was great quality, and VERY adjustable (unlike the cheaper bikes). BUT -- it was $170 on sale. DDs could stand over it o.k., but even with the seat all the way down, they had a hard time getting on the seat.<br><br>
So, we decided to stick with their 16" bikes for now until they get a little taller (maybe Christmas -- they'll have good deals then). We will just get a longer seatpost for their current bikes to extend the life of those. DH would rather pay a little extra for good quality just so he doesn't have to mess with them all the time. Their current Walmart bikes have terrible brakes that drag on the wheel constantly. It is so annoying. It is worth some extra money to not have headaches like that. Plus, we think a nicer bike will be more adjustable and will last longer before they completely outgrow it. The cheaper bikes just don't adjust very much at all. We're not sure how much we'll want to spend, but for now, we're not getting new bikes.<br><br>
It looks like when we do decide to buy one, we will be looking at a cheaper bike at around $70-80 (or cheaper with a sale), a mid-range one (Kawasaki -- wish I could find this one in town to try) at $140, or a higher end one at around $160-180 on sale. We may just be looking at an off-time right now. It is almost springtime when people are looking for bikes. I think the new models are just now coming out.<br><br>
Well, we'll be saving some money by just buying seatposts for now. I'll take a bike over to the LBS tomorrow to see if they can set us up with a couple. We might get DDs some cute bike jerseys instead (REI has some really cute ones).<br><br>
I just wanted to update everyone in case you are in the same situation any time soon. Frustrating, but now I kind of know what's out there. If anyone can think of any other stores to try, let me know for future reference.
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