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Good afternoon!<br><br>
I've created this section of the Articles Area to keep subscribers up to date on upcoming changes and improvements. I'll also use this area to look for input and advice on decisions needed to be made and the impact of those decisions on our site.<br><br>
This area isn't intended to be a 'secret'. I just think as investors in the site, you should have additional insight on the goings and comings of the site.<br><br>
I've purposely set this area up so that you can reply to articles, but you won't be able to submit articles. It's really intended as an informative area and not a daily discussion type area like a forum would be designed.<br><br>
That being said, if you have a question or have something you'd like addressed, pm me and I'll create the article and answer your question. Once the article is created, you'll be able to then reply and discuss the topic.<br><br><br>
Thanks again for supporting!<br><br><br>
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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