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Kestrel Airfoil Pro - Good Deal?

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Hi! So I have the opportunity to buy a used Kestrel Airfoil Pro. Right now I am riding a Giant OCR 2 road bike (3 years old) and am looking to upgrade. The Kestrel has only been used for one season and looks to be in good condition. The seller is looking for $1600-1800 for it (originally ~$3500). Does anyone have any experiences with this bike? Pros or cons? What can I do to assure the fit is right for me? Is this a good deal???<br><br>
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It has ultegra components.<br><br>
The person who is mediating the deal is a coach and instructor for a triathlon course at the university. I'm actually his teacher's assistant for the semester. I believe he'd give me a proper bike fitting before I buy it. The bike belonged to one of his clients who owns a triathlon store.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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