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courtesy of<br><br><br><b>Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.</b> The Freedom Parkway attraction escaped damage from the vicious storm that blew past Friday night even though condos and buildings just a short distance away were damaged severely.<br><b>Philips Arena.</b> No discernible exterior damage to the structure on Philips Drive, but officials canceled tonight's Winter Jam Spectacular, saying, "The decision to cancel this evening's event was based on the estimated 18,000 people coming downtown during the clean-up of debris throughout the area."<br><b>St. Joseph's Mercy Clinic.</b> Workers at the DeKalb Avenue facility, across the street from the Martin Luther King MARTA station, rushed to cover records and to shore up windows before the next storm came in Saturday afternoon. President Tom Andrews said a moving company had been summoned to remove critical records regarding indigent patients seen at the clinic. This clinic is the headquarters for nine other clinics that are affiliated with St. Joseph's hospital.<br>
Inside the clinic, portions of the roof had been torn off and water had saturated computers, and files, but then a few steps away there was no evidence of the storm. All five of the clinic's vans, which are used to transport patients, were damaged and the eight-ton heating and air conditioning on the roof had been picked up and tossed on its side on the roof. A piece of aluminum was thrown with such fury that it cleanly penetrates stucco wall.<br>
Andrews said he didn't know how he would recover the damage because the clinic depends on grants, donations and Medicaid payments for its support. Maintenance worker Sam Wilcher observed the irony that the ornamental cabbage and pansies planted just outside a shattered glass door went unscathed.<br><b>Southern Automotive Warehouse.</b> A chunk of the second floor has been swept away. Across the street, the fencing separating DeKalb Avenue from the railroad tracks in several areas had been flattened as if a piece of heavy equipment had run over it.<br><b>Suntrust Building.</b> Mangled blinds dangled out of windows on one side of the building. The entrance area to the building, which had been damaged by the storm, had already been boarded up by 11:15 a.m.<br><br><b>Tabernacle.</b> The staff of the Luckie Street concert hall arrived about 8:30 a.m. Saturday to assess Friday night's damage to the 98-year-old Atlanta landmark. "Most of the windows are blown out, the roof is severely damaged and there is lots of water damage inside," said Steve Woods, the building's electrician. Woods and Eric Snoddy, building manager, were standing on the Tabernacle steps surveying the scene outside on Luckie Street. What they saw: Street lights and trees blown over in front of the building. Cars damaged by falling debris in the venue's parking lots. The lots, sidewalks and streets were splattered with glass from blown out windows.<br>
Woods and Snotty are expecting major damage inside the building. "I know a water pipe broke inside," Snoddy said. "We're pretty much messed up. It's going to be awhile before we reopen. But it looks like we survived better than some places."<br><b>Ted's Montana Grill.</b> A downtown Atlanta penthouse belonging to Ted Turner suffered damage. As workers checked the residence's water, roof and window damage, employees of Ted's Montana Grill several floors below hurried to open in time for lunchtime Saturday.<br>
The penthouse and restaurant both occupy the Bona Allen Building on Luckie Street, not far from CNN Center.<br>
The restaurant had about 160 patrons Friday night when the winds tore through. "People immediately ran to the kitchen with debris blowing in the restaurant," said Ed Bazor, director of construction for Ted's Montana Grill. He said one person suffered a minor cut from shattered glass.<br>
Workers were patching windows Saturday so that the restaurant could reopen. The rest of the facility was in good shape, Bazor said. The familiar bison-shaped sign will need to be replaced.<br>
Bazor said the building had an estimated $25,000 in window damage. He could not provide further details on damage to Turner's penthouse. The businessman was not in the residence at the time of the tornado.<br><b>Westin.</b> The sidewalks under the Westin are littered with yellow insulation, broken glass and pieces of metal. Several windows are blown out.<br><b>Walton Building barbershop.</b> Policemen and firemen who get their hair cut at the barbershop in the Walton building will have to find another snip shop. The barbershop facing Cone Street suffered major damage. Large plate-glass windows are blown out and pieces of the drop ceiling sag. A hunk of metal, blown from a building blocks away, rests on the sidewalk in front of the barbershop.<br>
"There are apartments in this building, too," said Greg Alexander, a member of the building's management team. "No one go hurt, but the flower shop facing Walton Street got it real bad."
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