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hey guys - first off.. THANK YOU!!! for agreeing to be moderators here. To be honest, up until a few weeks ago - we didn't NEED moderators - heck, we BARELY NEEDED more than one forum!!! <img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src=""><br><br>
But - we are growing very quickly and with a sudden growth, especially with members who are familiar with the CH - it's all the more important that you guys are on the same page with Sierra and myself!<br><br>
Allow me to take this moment to thank her PUBLICALLY for her hard work! I only get here on ocassion and having another admin is very helpful...<br><br>
We are working HARD to set a certain standard and create a certain atmosphere WITHOUT laying down 'laws' or controlling what people post or think. THIS forum is our tool to have a great team to make sure we succeed.<br><br><br>
We created this 'hidden' moderators forum to allow sierra and myself to communicate with you AND more importantly - to allow YOU to communicate with each other!<br><br>
So.. Welcome! Thanks for helping out! Your volunteer status will NOT be taken for granted. We know the only way this place will become it's own place and not just another CH or RF or whatever other forum is out there is because our moderators work together to help us make it a valuable resource for runners and runners to be!<br><br><br>
The thread in the PRT forum "Now that you're here..." is intended to be the 'rules' - but presented in a way that don't seem 'demanding'....<br><br>
There are really just a few SERIOUS rules - we need your help to monitor and help implement - always try to do so in a light hearted way - USE the PM mode if you have a violator - close or delete a thread ONLY if it's ABSOLUTELY mandatory... Your decision is FINAL - Sierra nor I will over-ride that decision...<br><br>
Ok.. the rules that are REALLY RULES:<br><br>
1. NO PUPPETS! If you know of someone who has created a puppet - in jest or not - Either PM them and let them know the puppet will be deleted and to please not create another - Once we go down this path of puppets, then we will lose! Puppets just aren't acceptable..<br><br>
2. Call out threads... Not as serious (and really NOTHING is THAT serious).. we just ask that thread titles don't include another users moniker.. Teach them to be creative and then pm the person or just PM the person the message they would like to portray....<br><br><br>
The users have ALREADY figured out we don't censor words here.. We currently have NO INTENTION of censoring words - we're adults - we expect people to censor themselves.....<br><br><br>
If you have any questions - feel free to post here (if you feel all mods should see it) if not - pm either myself (satfix) or carla (sierra).. Carla speaks for me (her head gets WAY TOO BIG with all of her new found power - but she seems to handle it well!!! ) - so either one of us can help you.<br><br><br><br>
Again - thanks for your help - have fun and make your forums your home!<br><br><br>
Best Regards<br><br><br>
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