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Well last nights race was about typical for all of my June races. It was warm humid and I hate that kind of weather. I felt like I had a shot at breaking 22 but I knew the weather would have to cooperate.<br>
After standing around and cheering on the elite runners in the 5K championship I found a spot in the crowd and settled in for the run. The gun goes off and I start off at what I felt like was a nice solid pace. I was picking off runners and I wasn't feeling to bad. I went through the first mile in 7:18 at about where I wanted to be, maybe a little fast but I was still comfortable.<br>
I hit the turnaround point of the out and back course and I was starting to hurt some but it is a 5K so it is supposed to hurt. I headed back and as we passed the coffee factory I got to smell whatever they were making. Ugh! I didn't notice on the way out. I hit Mile marker 2 in 14:32.<br>
Now my legs are starting to hurt and my side a little. The humidity is now catching up wtih me also. I am struggling to keep my gap behind one group of runners that had been my pace group. I was starting to lose them. As we made the final turns I came up on Mile 3 and I was through at 21:52 and I knew I wasn't breaking 22 today. Oh well. I tried to pick up the pace and kick it in for the final tenth but my legs just didn't have it. It apparently took me 44 seconds to run the final .1.<br><br>
As of Sunday afternoon the results aren't posted on the web yet.<br><br>
Gun to Starting Mat: 0:0:14<br>
Mile 1: .98 miles in 7:03 (7:11 pace)<br>
Turnaround point: .43 miles in 3:08 (7:16 pace)<br>
Mile 2: .58 miles in 4:04 (7:04)<br>
Mile 3: 1.24 in 7:20 (5:56 pace) I think it lost the signal somewhere<br>
Final .1: 141 ft in 0:0:44 (27:32 pace)<br>
Total Time: 22:37 (this time was almost identical to my time from last Saturday)<br><br>
Mat to Mat time: 22:23 - This was almost a minute better than last year's race.<br><br>
I really need to start doing some speed workouts in the spring to help with my leg turnover etc. I always say I am going to do it next year and I never do. Until I start practicing for speed I don't think I will ever get speed.<br><br>
There is one picture of me from the race at:<br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">

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Here is another picture of me from the race:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Yes you can rate it!<br><br>
Thanks D,<br>
I still don't consider myself that fast. I have that 20 minute barrier stuck in my head as fast so until I can stay committed to a speed workout plan to help improve my 5K pace I am not sure if that will ever change.<br>
They did finally post the results:<br>
I ended up in 21/59 for my age group and 184/550 for the men's overall.
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