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July Masters Miles & June Summary

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<p>In the spirit of saving bytes I'm combining the July milage thread with the June summary. (In reality I'm just a slacker)</p>
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<p>Numbers reporting are still decreasing, but not quite as fast as before. We must be down to the hard core few.</p>
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<p>10 runners reported a total of 1222.87 miles in the month of June</p>
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<p>Evanflein 178.6</p>
<p>Irunmike 162</p>
<p>Dennis 161</p>
<p>Big Apple Pie 145.4</p>
<p>HappyFeat 143</p>
<p>Johnny 115.5</p>
<p>Orange Mat 105.36</p>
<p>Ripvanracer 98.11</p>
<p>Tamster 89.4</p>
<p>Hemerocallus 24.5</p>
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<p>Total: 1222.87 miles</p>
<p>Median: 129.25 miles Happy Feat / Johnny</p>
<p>Mean: 122.29 miles Johnny</p>
<p>Gold Star Award: no one reported more than 200 miles</p>
<p>Welcome back Award: Big Apple Pie</p>
<p>Fallen Angel Award: Hemerocallus (-91 miles from last month)</p>
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<p>Honor roll (yup, that’s all of us)</p>
<p>Big Apple Pie</p>
<p>Orange Mat</p>
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<p>I had an excellent month for July!</p>
<p>250.1 miles running, the most in the last 12 months. Didn't check farther back than that.</p>
<p>2 PR's to mention: a 4 second PR for the 8k race, and an almost 4 minute PR for the Gold Discovery Run! That one is the bestest. <span><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""></span></p>
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