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<p>SW: 230</p>
<p>GW:190 (April 2011)</p>
<p>LW: 207</p>
<p>CW: 205</p>
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<p>Just over 47 miles this last week most of it running EVen killed myself last night with a 8 mile hill repeat that just gassed me in the heat. Felt Great!</p>
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<p>Doing a lot of stretching,rolling icing, heating and praying.</p>
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<p>you can tell the injury is sitting there, but I am learning to keep it on the fence and eventually it should fall off the other side. I am very sick of this it has not been almost 8 whole months...Dr.'s are starting to look at from another angle,wont know those results for maybe 3 weeks?</p>
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