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July 18, Monday

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<p>Hello friends.  Yesterday made day day 240 of my streak.  I think that's 8 months.  Today starts marathon training.  6 miles on deck.  I'm going to take the kids to the y, get the 6 miles in, and then take them to the pool.  Have a great day, everyone.</p>
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<p><strong>jebba</strong> - way to keep the streak going!  </p>
<p><strong>4boys -</strong>  rest up and kudos to DS on all the wheeling around.  I was watching the sprint ending of the TDF yesterday, man those guys are tough</p>
<p><strong>bbs</strong> - nice 5, and I approve of free booze as a criterion for choosing races :)</p>
<p><strong>hawk</strong> - stay patient, hey at least it'll probably be cooler when you run again</p>
<p><strong>kfuller</strong>  - nice 5</p>
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<p>Rest day for me - boys and I had a blast at WWE last night...  lots of silly fun.   Next few days are ridiculously hot.   I have a treadmill-free streak of a little over a month that is going to be tested.   Tomorrow night's track workout might be the first casualty, though they say misery loves company so I will play it by ear.</p>
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