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Jr Question On Watts

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Is There A Certain Wattage One Should Be Pushing At A Certain Cadence?<br><br>
Say 150 Watt At A Cadence Of 100 Or 18 Mph. I Just Noticed That The Life Cycle At The Gym Has A Watts Button And Thought I Would Try That Next Time I Am There
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No, it doesn't exactly work out like that. The output of watts is regardless of RPM's you could push 300 watts at 15 rpm's, you'd just have to rurn the pedlas really hard! What matters in truth is the relationship between those watts and the riders weight, so they are often expressed as a ratio of watts to weight.<br><br>
Fiddle around with the watts thing and see if pedaling faster makes the number go up--on my trainer, it has an ergo mode where you set the wattage and the resistence gets lighter the faster you pedla, but the watts remain the same
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