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Jan. 3 - Tuesday Workouts

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<p>99 Iowa precincts meet tonight for the <a href="" target="_blank">2012 Iowa Caucus</a>.</p>
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<p>Me: 1.6 brisk walking miles with the M-Dawg - almost felt like jogging. Shouted at The Diesel. Chatted with The Hammer God and the Andy-man at the end. 3/3.</p>
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<p>LRR - way to go, 3/3!</p>
<p>Thor - sounds like another successful Boston marathon day! </p>
<p>zojmn - good news!</p>
<p>X - I am impressed with your dedication of doing the speed work under that kind of harsh temp.  I wimped out at windchill in teens...</p>
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<p>So took the interval to the TM.  2miles WU, 5x1000m at 6:53pace.  The legs felt kind of weak and the pace was a bit challenging but HR was low.  Actually quite a bit lower compared the last week, exact same workout on the same TM.  Would like to think my fitness is improving.  Total 8 miles.</p>
<p>Also 40min. strength workout. </p>
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