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Jan. 3 - Tuesday Workouts

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<p>99 Iowa precincts meet tonight for the <a href="" target="_blank">2012 Iowa Caucus</a>.</p>
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<p>Me: 1.6 brisk walking miles with the M-Dawg - almost felt like jogging. Shouted at The Diesel. Chatted with The Hammer God and the Andy-man at the end. 3/3.</p>
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<p>Jumping in and catching up. </p>
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<p>Monday = 2 mile run/walk</p>
<p>Tuesday = 1st total DOR since before TurkeyDay. My knee needed it. Strangely, it was acting up post run. I'm not sure if it was run related, or something else. It's much better now.</p>
<p>Wednesday = 2.5k rowing EARLY; an hour of DT work after work. I'm looking forward to the post accident stuff ending soon. Please. </p>
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