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Friday was snow cleanup today (and it looks like tomorrow will be as well).

Saturday was a long Zwift ride with a small group. Was meant to be 70 miles, but hardware issues (bike chain stays came loose from trainer skewer, so frame tilted sideways). By the time I got the bike back on the trainer, decided to call it quits at 56 miles. Still probably the longest Zwift ride I've done ...

Today was a short stage of the "Tour du Zwift" - just 16 miles, but with a good hill at the beginning (1000 feet of virtual climbing) - followed by 4 easy miles to spin down for 20 total.

Booked flights to see DD in England in the spring (rah!). Interestingly enough, it'll be the weekend of Charles's coronation, so I'll have been there for the queen's funeral and his coronation.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts