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re: vacation and holidays....we got Juneteenth last year for a total of 9, now they are going BACK to 8 holidays with two of them being "floaters" that you can take any time...while removing Labor day and Veteran's day. SO STUPID.

Starting FEB 13 - Vacation will be leveled FOR EVERYONE at 22 days. I will LOSE 4 days of vacation, while those who have been at the company <10 years get and additional day. We can carry over 200 hours each year, BUT, if you have more than that, you stop accruing vacation until you drop below the 200 hour mark. So many people upset about this. And I know plenty of people who have over 200 hours banked right now - including my PL who would have to use 50+ hours to keep accruing after Feb 13.

And no Geo - nothing offered to offset this.

Today - lunch with my BFF and then some leisurely shopping.
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