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It's the Weekend!!!

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Hi all!! Happy Weekend. I just did a quick 3.5 miles, and I'm getting ready to watch some college football. I've got a house full of kids, but Baily is technically the babysitter and is getting paid, so whenever my niece and nephew ask me for something I just send them her direction. LOL<br><br>
Suds and Susan-Have a great time at the race!!! I hope you both feel ok, and enjoy a beer afterward for me!!!<br><br>
Staci-I hope you're able to sneak out for a dinner date with your dh tonight!<br><br>
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<p>Hey Fer!  Good job on your run.  How cool to be able to put your dd in charge!  My oldest is just getting into babysitting and she loves the responsibility.  Have fun watching football!<br>
<p>I have had a crazy day!!  Horse shoe guy came out and reset shoes, then to run errands, then to feed store, grocery store then back home to clean up and make dinner. I have not sat down once today!!  I did get a 20min run in and I think I'm ready for the HM tomorrow.  It should be interesting!  I have no time goal and I just want to enjoy it.  Homemade pizza for dinner!  woohoo! </p>
<p>heading out to my HM in a few minutes.  I'm so glad I'm not running a marathon today!  It's rainy and windy at my house and I imagine it's the same where I'm heading for the race.  Should be an interesting run :)</p>
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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