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Which trip looks most fun/interesting (aka Where should I go?)

  • Greek Cyclades

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • Croatian Dalmation Coast

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • Gozo & Malta

    Votes: 4 22.2%
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You might remember that I'm giving myself a 40th b-day party/trip this summer as my first real vacation in 8 years.<br><br>
It's run by a UK company: Swimtrek (<br><br>
Just for a general opinion's that time of year, afterall.....<br><br>
Here's the location for option 1 (Greek Cyclades):<br><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#0000FF;"></span></a><br><br>
You may have to zoom in/out to see specifics. Be warned, the names are in GREEK. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE18422B8t00;"><span style="font-size:small;">Swimming Distances:<br>
Swim Distances</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:xx-small;">Fidousa Coastal Swim 2km<br>
Schinoússa - Iraklia 3km<br>
Schinoússa - Keros / Ano Koufonissi 5½ / 3km<br>
Keros Coastal 2½km<br>
Kato Koufonissi - Ano Koufonissi 1km<br>
Ano Koufonissi - Keros 4km<br>
Náxos - Ano Koufonissi 4km<br>
Plaka - Aspronisi 3km</span></span></div>
Here's the location for option 2 (Dalmation Coast) (labels are in CROATION):<br><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#0000FF;"></span></a><br><br><div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE18422B8t00;"><span style="font-size:small;">Swim Distances</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:small;">Prvic-Zlarin 3½km<br>
Prvic-Tijat 1½km<br>
Tijat-Zmajan 2½km</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:small;">Kaprije-Kakan 2km<br>
Kakan-Žirje 3km<br>
Krka River 3km</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:small;"><br>
Zmajan-Kaprije 1½km<br>
Kornati Islands 3km, 1km</span></span></div>
<span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:small;"><br></span></span><br><br>
possibly option 3 (Gozo & Malta):<br><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#0000FF;"></span></a><br><br><div style="text-align:left;"><span style="font-family:TTE231AA78t00;"><span style="font-size:small;">Xlendi-Ta Cenc 3km<br>
Ta Cenc-Mgarr ix-Xini 2km<br>
Gozo-Comino 2km<br>
Santa Maria Bay-Blue Lagoon 3km<br>
Xlendi-Wardija Point 2km<br>
Fungus Rock-Azure Window 1½km<br>
Gozo-Malta 5km<br>
Golden Bay 2½km<br><br><br>
WAIT for the poll, please...<br>
And, if you vote and have time, please also post why you voted the way you did. Thanks!</span></span></div>

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There IS a boat.<br>
If you get tired.<br>
Get on the boat.<br><br>
Hotel rooms each night.<br><br>
Guides...the works.<br><br>
The photo galleries on the website have pics of the boat and folks having fun.<br><br>
Just think of this as....<br>
well, sorta like BRAG, except it's Swimming. <img alt="banana.gif" src="">

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Holy schnozzles that sounds like fun!!! What a great way to celebrate 40!! I have no idea which one to vote for, they all look cool!<br><br>
ETA: I picked Gozo, Comino and Malta - those rock formations look wicked cool to be swimming about....

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The thing is...<br>
I wasn't looking for this place....I literally stumbled across it one day when I was procrastinating at work.<br><br>
I was looking for something else, completely....and I don't even remember what.<br><br>
This is my party...<br>
and the marathon in Nov is ON my actual birthday.<br>
I think if I time it right, this trip will be just before the ramping up for the 'thon training... then, hard work through the summer and fall....and BAM! Welcome to 40.

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I've always wanted to go to Croatia - I'd take that option! It's supposed to be beautiful. I've also heard that there are plenty of very lovely looking young ladies in that country - being married, I wouldn't know about anything like that, though. Plus, from Croatia, it's only a quick jump over to Italy!

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I voted for Greek Cyclades, only for touristic reasons, a vacation where you have to swim further than the bar at the end of the pool is too hard to comprehend for me. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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7,463 Posts's different, not too overrun, and will be an adventure

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Croatia - It is an awesome place. you will have fun no matter where you go. Taken anyone with you?

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Nope...just taking me.<br>
It's MY Party, afterall....<img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
I want to take the chance to vacay on my own, and to meet folks without feeling obligated to run around with someone that I took with me.<br><br>
I also go to movies alone, though, and several people have told me that that's wierd.<br><br>
Besides, NONE of my friends would go. They don't swim, or they aren't in a place where they could afford it right now. I've been planning and saving for this for 2 years, so it's more workable for me.
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