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Is this junk miles?

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I need your opinion.<br><br>
I just ran 5K this morning - with w/u and some additional miles afterwards before quickly heading to another commitment was 8 miles. My (slightly adjusted) schedule calls for 15mile long run today. (I am in taper for a marathon - 2 weeks to go). I was thinking to run another 7 miles to make it 15miles total today. Would this be 'junk miles' - just running to make the # - without a clear purpupose?<br><br>
Just to give you a little more complete picture, a tune-up race was suggested Sat (8-10K) then a long run of 15miles Sun today. I couldn't find any race yesterday so I ran a 5k today instead. I had a short interval workout last Wed. and will have another one (1600x3) this Wed. By running just 8 miles today instead of 15miles, my weekly volume is about 40% down from the previous week, which is way more than a typical taper suggested by many experts (usually 20-25% down for the taper week #1). Other than a slight tightness in my hip (which is very normal), I don't have any physical/potential injury concnern.<br><br>
Maybe this is TMI.... but I just don't want to de-train myself. I think I did that heading to Boston last year.<br><br>
Thanks for your quick help. Yes, I need your suggestion soon <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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I think you have to go with how you feel on this one... If you raced this morning, and you did a good warmup and cooldown, that would be plenty for me. But if that's just a little bit of nothin' for you, then go ahead and do the extra miles. But if you're feeling something in your hip, then I'd rethink it....<br><br>
Did you really race this morning, or was it just a 5K with other people? I think that makes a difference, too. If you raced, I'd just recover this afternoon. If you just took it easy, then treat it as a broken long run, as Tithers suggested.<br><br>
How do YOU feel???<br>
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