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Is this junk miles?

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I need your opinion.<br><br>
I just ran 5K this morning - with w/u and some additional miles afterwards before quickly heading to another commitment was 8 miles. My (slightly adjusted) schedule calls for 15mile long run today. (I am in taper for a marathon - 2 weeks to go). I was thinking to run another 7 miles to make it 15miles total today. Would this be 'junk miles' - just running to make the # - without a clear purpupose?<br><br>
Just to give you a little more complete picture, a tune-up race was suggested Sat (8-10K) then a long run of 15miles Sun today. I couldn't find any race yesterday so I ran a 5k today instead. I had a short interval workout last Wed. and will have another one (1600x3) this Wed. By running just 8 miles today instead of 15miles, my weekly volume is about 40% down from the previous week, which is way more than a typical taper suggested by many experts (usually 20-25% down for the taper week #1). Other than a slight tightness in my hip (which is very normal), I don't have any physical/potential injury concnern.<br><br>
Maybe this is TMI.... but I just don't want to de-train myself. I think I did that heading to Boston last year.<br><br>
Thanks for your quick help. Yes, I need your suggestion soon <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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No, you RACED, now you are done, go for a swim or spin on the bike, but if you raced it hard, then you are done for the day. Doing more miles on tired legs would be for what purpose? If you feel a real need to get that last long run in, do it midweek, or just move on.
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